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Salle de bain avec douche

Installation of safe senior showers

Personnes âgée devant une douche

What is a senior shower?

A senior shower, or a shower adapted for the elderly, meets the needs and constraints of senior citizens or people with reduced mobility (PRMs). The aim is to make access to the shower easier and safer while offering a high level of comfort. As we age, the risk of falls and accidents increases. Senior showers provide a safe space for people with reduced mobility, and they do so without the need for major renovation work. They come with a range of features, including :

  • An extra-flat, non-slip shower tray. The shower tray is low, so there's very little height to step over. The non-slip surface coating reduces the risk of slipping.

  • A wide opening for easy movement.

  • Enclosures made from safety glass.

  • Handrails or bars to keep your balance.

  • An easily adjustable mixer tap to keep the water at the right temperature and prevent scalding.

  • A fold-down seat for maximum safety.

How do you install a senior shower?

A senior's shower needs to be installed when the bath or conventional shower becomes too dangerous for safe bathing. That's when it's time to optimise the bathroom to ensure that elderly people or those with reduced mobility can remain independent for as long as possible. You can fit out your shower yourself by installing a non-slip mat, a grab bar or handrail and a fold-down seat. But for in-depth renovations, it's best to call in a professional like Senio in Kraainem. You'll benefit from the experience, advice and quality installation of a reputable fitter who will configure your shower to suit your needs. Discover our 4 available options to suit all budgets: Budget, Standard, Intermediate and Premium.

Douche pour senior
Salle de bain pour personne handicapé

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