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Installation of walk-in bathtubs

What is a walk-in bathtub?

The walk-in bathtub is a practical and accessible alternative for people with reduced mobility. These are specially designed for the elderly or anyone who has difficulty stepping over a conventional bath. Though they look like normal bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs are actually fitted with a pivoting or sliding side door, which makes it easier to get in and out of them. Having a walk-in bathtub lets you enjoy all the benefits of a traditional bath without compromising safety.

What are the advantages of a walk-in bathtub?

A walk-in bathtub offers a host of advantages:

  • It reduces the risk of falls and accidents, as you no longer have to take a deep stride to get into the bath.

  • It's comfortable and easy to access, thanks to the watertight door.

  • It's available in a range of models, from corner baths to rectangular baths and island baths.

  • It helps maintain independence by enabling seniors to continue living at home.

  • It lets you enjoy the benefits of a warm bath in complete safety. A walk-in bath is the ideal compromise.

  • It makes it easier for a caregiver to provide assistance and intervene as needed.

What accessories are available for walk-in bathtubs?

Walk-in bathtubs are available with a range of options and accessories, all designed to make life easier and more comfortable. Anti-slip walls prevent falls and, as with showers for senior citizens, handles allow you to keep your balance at all times. Some baths are also equipped with an integrated seat and a whirlpool function.

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Get your walk-in bathtub installed!

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